This type of molding is designed to protect counter fronts, shelves and cabinet door contours.


BACKSPLASH MOLDINGS are an excellent choice to add a touch of elegance while creating a protective waterproof barrier for your kitchen or bathroom models.
They are also invaluable for covering open spaces between surfaces and furniture to provide a professional finish.

Our range of products includes several models and finishes allowing a harmonization with the other elements of your decoration. A new decor with ease!


Looking for a new, sustainable way to finish the edges while protecting the corners of your project? Whether for increased strength and protection or for pure elegance, Stickman's aluminum extrusions are the answer. The extent of the possibilities will be limited only by your imagination.

For any project involving assembly joinery, Stickman is ideal for creating elegant edges and protecting corners in a sustainable manner. Aluminum profiles are designed to increase strength and edge protection. To facilitate work and reduce labor time, these profiles no not require screwing.

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